The first meet up location will be at the Bishop's Chicken at the rest stop along the Palomino Freeway (in the Xbox 360 session, the location of the PS3 meet will be up to the one hosting that server).

This could be your first OPPOrtunity to see the new Roosevelt in person, if you can't afford it, that is.

All vehicles are welcome, although landing a Titan, P996 Lazer, or any other sort of plane will likely be difficult or impossible.


If you were in the previous shows and are on my friends list, I'll shoot you an invite.

My friends list is close to full, so not all who ask for a friend request will get one, you may have to ask someone else in the event to add you so you can join.

This will be a 4 day event, with sessions today, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Other than that, just have fun and please try not to get the cops to interfere.