Just stumbled across this great nugget: the top 50 best selling new cars in Japan. It's ... different.

1. There are a lot of 'galapagos' cars in there: models that just aren't sold anywhere else.

2. Somewhat incestuous relations mean a lot of cars pop up more than once with different badges. Salient detail- the badges can have varied and unusual bedfellows: A Nissan Dayz Roox (16) is the same thing as a Mitsubishi Ek Space Custom (24), but so is a Nissan Moco (20) and a Suzuki MR Wagon (41).

3. There's yet more duplication because of a peculiarly Japanese phenomenon: his and hers cars.



Yes, those are sliding doors. His is a Toyota Spade (#23!), hers a Toyota Porte (#37)
(photos: Toyota Japan)


4. In Japan, it'd probably mean immediate man-card forfeiture, but some of those kei are just sooooo kawaaaaaaiiii!

Daihatsu Move Conte

(photo credit: Daihatsu Japan)

Daihatsu Mira Cocoa

(photo credit: wikipedia)

Suzuki Lapin

(photo credit: Suzuki Japan)

Cuddly as they all are, the one you really want is number 10, though:

Honda N-One

(photo credit: wikipedia)

Number 1? The Toyota Prius Aqua (aka Prius c).

Source: Auto-Motor-und-Sport