Off-Roading & Camping Utah's White Rim (Part 3 of 3)

From Oppositelock: Last day…damn. Tomorrow we head back to jobs and kids and lawns and such. Oh well, time to make the best of it. (Catch up with parts 1 & 2 of this epic adventure)

The White Rim - Part 3

This is part 3 of a 3 part series on my adventures biking/driving the White Rim trail in Canyonlands NP near Moab, ut.

Day 3

Last day…damn. Tomorrow we head back to jobs and kids and lawns and such. Oh well, time to make the best of it. Today's mileage will be a less intense 23 but includes hardscrabble hill named for an intense game of scrabble that cost three miners their lives in 1953, a butte as tall and as steep as murphy hogback but with more switchbacks.

Pictures, again, don't do this hill justice. Since this was my last day, everyone had had significant seat time in the trucks and spurred on the mocking of my fellow travelers for skipping out on yesterday's big climb I decided to let someone else drive this one and ride.

Whew…what a hill. At the top we all voted that skipping lunch in favor of a big fat burger in green river so we pressed on. From here on out we get closer and closer to the green river.

Wait, weren't you following the Colorado? Boy aren't you astute, yes from white crack you can actually see the confluence of the green and Colorado rivers, so at the start of the trip you follow the Colorado, then you see where they mix, then you follow the green; see what I mean about big?

As we get closer to the river it gets cooler and sandier, and frankly it because a lot less interesting of a ride as it simply levels out. That being said if you have never been to the southwest, this ride alone would probably blow your mind all over the 1000 foot cliffs we are riding beneath.

At the end of this road is another road, one with a squiggly line sign attached, because it goes from the river bottom to the canyon top in another feat of mine engineering as it is literally carved into the Cliffside; Its exactly as awesome as it sounds to drive.

Yeah we drove it, we were tired and hungry and even though the "proper" thing to do would have been to ride it, we decided it was nothing more than a drudge, so we left it alone and got on the road.

Once you get to the top it's a relatively short 20 miles to the highway and once there, stopping to grab a soda and air up the trucks tires, we bombed into Green River for a great burger with a Nissan Xterra Owners club and an Land rover owners club…the tension was palpable…before heading back home.


What to say, I loved it and you would have to be made of stone of some type of stone substitute to not love an experience like this; its expansive and freeing and it's something we all need. In just 3 days we experienced the joy and freedom of being independent from everything that wasn't our trucks and our bikes in a place that suggests to the mind that the world is big, open, and full of possibilities and beauty.

Here is the video I put together.

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