On the off chance anyone remembers this question from last night

I think I am going to make a diary of WWD cars, or Wrong Wheel Drive cars. This is not going to be an "All coupes should be RWD" diary. Instead, lets call it a rant or rambling of interesting cars that got the wrong wheels connected to the transmission.

The first car up is the Cadillac El Dorado as suggested by Shpuker.

The car was launched in 1953 and was everything right with the world. It was beautiful and American with a big engine and an FR layout. The car evolved quickly visually, and I especially like the 57-58 (third generation)

That is a perfect car for Cadillac, the late 50's and any American Classics fan. The fins, the 6L V8 engine; this was a car to look up to.

Then, 1967 happened.

This was both a catastrophic and a great year for the Eldorado. The car sold nearly 18,000 units giving Cadillac its best year to date.

It was a great looker too, shared the platform from the Toronado and received high acclaim from testers and buyers alike. Vigilant readers however will notice the platform shared was a FF layout. That is correct, this is the year Cadillac decided a front wheel drive Eldorado was a good idea. Sure you could buy these with an 8.2l V8 sent to the wheels through a fancy three speed automatic transmission, but the wrong wheels for this car were used.


I think all of Oppo will agree with me that a Luxo-barge should be RWD, and I think 99% of luxury car shoppers would agree a luxury car should be Rear Wheel Drive. Mercedes and BMW have always known this, Lexus has really figured it out too. Where we have not seen luxury brands do well is with Front wheel drive.

FWD is WWD for Luxury!

And yet, Cadillac continued with this branding and layout until it eventual demise, 50 years after its launch we were left with this corpse of a former glorious and unapologetic American luxury car:

I don't think anyone cared, we lost the good Eldorado decades ago. Those who cared about lower costs of a FWD vehicle or a more practical luxury car were not shopping for something with a roughly 4.6 - 4.9l V8 through the front wheels.


So there we go, first attempt at the format. Please give feed back on what needs improvement with it and if there is success and enjoyment, I will make this a regular use of my time.