The Puffalumps saw both coasts of the United States in one month. Neat.

All packed and ready to crash a Jalopnik event in the most cuddly way possible.

Watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans from above.

Theo Bunny found toys.

Both bunnies found fans.

Never leave your helmet out somewhere unless you want people to try it on.

Theo became part of the scenery.

Fluffy became a pillow.

Pretty easy to find where I was sitting after the party was over.


Fluffy watches from above.

I took some Timbits home. I spent a few days there, then it was off to watch NASCAR at Sonoma.

Fluffy looked out the window on the plane out west. It helps if you can sit on a seat tray, I guess.

Mountains! Real mountains! We miss these.

Sweet van in San Francisco.

This was kind of crazy in a truck, but I got a burrito in a Taco, so can I really complain? No.

View over the hump. That’s nuts!

Ran out of caffeine. This was weirdly appropriate for a trip with the ‘lumps, so I tried it. Not bad.

Marshmallow pillows on pillows, chillin’.

Theo Bunny wanted to try out to be a Sonoma Raceway Boy. He was a bit late.

All packed and ready to go.

The hotel even made sure the Puffalumps were happy while I was out.

Golf cartin’.

Watching NASCAR’s drivers’ meeting.

Correction: trying to see over people at the NASCAR drivers’ meeting.

This stands for Puffalump Radio Network, I think.

Mmm. Bunny food.

The Golden ‘Lump Bridge.

People food. (No sharesies.)

There you have it: the travels of the Puffalumps.