They say true race history ALWAYS adds value

This incredible piece of machinery pictured here is Nuvolari's 1935 Alfa Romeo Tipo C 8C-35. It competed fiercely with the legendary Silver Arrows of Auto Union and Mercedes. Just two short weeks ago I took this picture above at Lime Rock Park, the car sitting humbly under a canopy during a torrential downpour. Not a soul in sight.

Today I learned that after Lime Rock, the car was shipped off for competition at Goodwood Revival, and was then sold at the subsequent Bonhams auction for the US equivalent of $9.4 MILLION.


I suppose I shouldn't be so shocked... when I saw it the first time, I knew it was worth millions. After all it is the only one in the world. But sitting there in the rain, it looked so lonely. Not a crowd around it, or a gaggle of photographers. Not a soul.

Looking back, it's rather funny... even amazing. If Tiffany's had a $10,000,000 diamond on display, you can bet it would be encased in a cube of impenetrable glass, wired with sensors, and with armed guards standing at the ready, prepared not just for a hungry thief but something as dramatic as a Danny Ocean heist.


They say true race history ALWAYS adds value

But thievery isn't the point of this. Vintage racing is. I saw this car move, attack corners, and roar on the straights with other cars side by side. It wasn’t treated as a priceless gem, or protected like a magnificent piece of art. Yet in my eyes it is worthy of admiration equal or greater to our society's popular benchmarks of beauty.

They say true race history ALWAYS adds value

I am proud to have seen such a legendary car. May it continue to be driven in vintage events around the world, inspiring those who appreciate it for years to come. I hope this piece of moving art continues to be valued for all of its historic AND modern value by its next owner.