This is the weekend of the Long Beach Graand Prix. Three and a half decades ago I attended this event with my family, my first ever F1 race. I was just a gawky 15 year old wandering around all weekend with Grandpa’s Olympus OM-1, trying to grab a few shots of my hero, Gilles Villeneuve. If the house wasn’t such a mess I’d share some of my photos taken that weekend, but I can’t find them at the moment. Here are a couple grabbed off the web of Gilles and a few of my other racing heroes, all of whom ended up on the podium that weekend:

Villeneuve was sadly disqualified from the race because of that illegal rear wing, but at least I got to see him on the back of that pickup making the trip around the track. Just a month later, in a stupid accident during qualifying for the Belgian Grand Prix, one of the most entertaining drivers of all was sadly taken from us.


Salut Gilles...