This eBay Listing Is Intersting, to Say The Least...

"1992 Opel Astra 1992 Opel Astra

The White Bucket Goes 180mph With 1.7 Diesel Engine but one time only jep jep!

This eBay Listing Is Intersting, to Say The Least...


-My Astra is for sale or as I like to call it "white bucket".

-Top speed is around 180mph and I didn't tested that but it is probably possible,
only when you toss it from plain at 30000ft and the best off all you don't need
to spent money on parachute.

-What can I say about the car it drove bunch off nice and less nice girls,
with this car I found my wife.

-Off course don't ask me if I drove a cow, fridge, windows, and most loved off
all a half of liker store almost or just a few cases of beer, then went home
with the best man to empty that and go in the shop for another case of beer.

-Of course, the oil spends indeed, but it can not spend as much as I can pour.

-When temperature is below zero the engine runs on 3 cylinders or maybe just
2 but only for first minute or so, other than that it runs without problems and
the best is to drove it down the hill, only than it goes like a rocket and if Cd
plays this song(The Automatic - What's That Coming Over The Hill) you fell invincible.

-Every morning started cold, inside I drank and sometimes sleep too after hard night.

This eBay Listing Is Intersting, to Say The Least...

-You just wondering if I using that case of schnapps that's in the trunk as a fuel
additive and how well it worked to assist starting the motor on cold mornings,
well it's useless for starting a car, but it helps start me on cold morning.

-Excellent turns on the hand brake and go through the park to avoid the police.
Not recommended that you drive in Zagreb, as the police will always stop you.

-It also wont's to make you cry every time when you get bypassed by a nice
new luxury car like BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and so on, you just can't help yourself.

-Car has not been washed since last winter neither is garaged and it doesn't make
sense to wash it when in two weeks again will be dirty, better drink a beer for that
money or buy a lottery ticket.

This eBay Listing Is Intersting, to Say The Least...

-Moreover, If price is higher then $2200, you will get a personal driver me, too driving
you in Croatia or across Europe to take adventure with local homemade cuisine and
visiting beautiful places, but I do recommend you to rent a car, also you are welcome
too be my guest for 2 weeks.

-Special air delivery available but no complaint will be accepted.

-I will be glad if you have a a good laugh reading this so why not bid. :))
Don't wont to bid that's OK you can help also by spread the word around ;)

-I'm not an alcoholic, just wont to raise founds to take my better half on our
4th anniversary to Spa for a weekend as she deserves it, as love is the only thing
that still matter.

King Regards to all by Mario"


Located in "Senkovec, default, Croatia, Republic of"

It has a 1.7 L Diesel with 235,500 miles and is currently priced at $202.50