Carroll Shelby worked with AC Cars Limited when he created his legendary Cobra world beater, but imagine for a minute that he had worked instead with MG Cars; this is probably what the result would have looked like.

The MGB is a classic roadster from Morris Garage, built by cheerful British folks in a time when the United Kingdom was a significant worldwide exporter of automobiles. Find this 1963 MGB with Ford 289 V8 for sale in Tarzana, CA currently bidding on ebay for $9,100 with 22 hours to go.

This MGB was recently restored and repainted in its original baby blue color, but the transformation from putt-putt four banger to tire melting V8 started way back in 1969. The seller claims to have lots of documentation from the shop that did the conversion (Hollywood Sportscars) and somehow the idea of a vintage swap seems all the more appealing versus a recent transplant.

The Ford 289 cubic inch (4.7 liter) V8 made anywhere from 195 to 270 horsepower back in the day, but with a decent cam, headers, intake and exhaust 300 horsepower is easily achievable. Just budget for some other parts as the transmission, rear end and tires may not be equipped to handle that much power/torque. Luckily all that stuff has been upgraded to beefier parts in this car already, and running that way for decades. Inexplicably, this thing is equipped with an automatic transmission, but lets give the builder the benefit of doubt and assume he was a one-legged war veteran because there could be no other valid reason to have a slushbox in an MGB.

Originally posted as 10k: Morris Monster Garage: 1963 MGB with Ford V8 on Daily Turismo.


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