Yes it has the dreaded 6.0. Yes it was a commercial vehicle. Yes you would look bizarre driving it. But holy crap it's cheap. 2 hours left on the auction and it's currently going for $2050. And it's got less than 100,000 miles and has probably been properly maintained it's entire lifetime. This thing could be the ultimate racecar tow vehicle. Rip out a bunch of the rear seats and viola! Huge cargo area, with a wheelchair lift that can be used to move engines, tires etc. It's sorta like a mini-RV except way way cheaper. I have an irrational want for this, it's a good thing it's in California and I'm in Texas.

EDIT: Whoops forgot to include the link. Here it is:…


UPDATE: It sold for $3950, that's still a steal for the amount of practical vehicle you're getting for such a small amount of money. If it were closer and I had more space I probably would have been bidding.