I'm having a very hard time now, I've been sick for more than two years (burned out, depression) and I've kinda been keeping up. We've got a new government in Norway now, a government that thinks that cheaper booze and cheaper fuel will somehow be a good thing for people.. Sure it COULD'VE been, but they propose to cut back my support as well.. by almost 33%.. So yeah, looks like I'll go from "just able to survive" to "damn how will I fix this".

So yeah.. my point, I'm fully paid up on my intrawebzors for the next two months, but after that, nah can't afford it, not that I've contributed that much here anyway, but I felt like you guys should know that I might be gone in a few monts.

PSA: Oppo is just fun, the MAIN problem with me not having internet is paying bills, I have to pay 8 bucks on top per bill if I choose to pay them at my local bank.

Sorry dudettes and dudes, I'm on a rant.. Love you all.