What is insane is that it's one among quite a few others... If not many! With my father-in-law we went on a little trip around where I live, looking for what could be my next car. Cappuccino, AZ-1, FD RX-7, R32 GT-r... Normal japanese stuff :)

Then he brought me to this shop: Rocky Auto

Holy Crap, was that intense!!! Since pictures are more important than words, go ahead and enjoy!

(The 250GTO is most likely a 240Z modified to look like one...)

PS: I apologize in advance to Gawker, but I might go back there in a month or two, with a decent camera (freaking annoying for an amateur photograph like me to be forced to use a cell phone for now and not have a proper camera), pretending to be a Jalopnik journalist and getting people to open a few doors for me lol... Can I get your blessing for that little lie? :)