Now, I know what you're thinking - does this fucker ever take a lunch less than two hours long? And the answer is, no! I really don't. Onto the show!

Also, to be fair that picture is not from my lunch "hour" but from this weekend. In a happy coincidence, an auto journo friend of mine was in possession of that very FRS on Saturday and parked it there randomly, hours before I stumbled past. I didn't even know until yesterday! He says the Fiat was already there. Inspired parking job, IMO.

But back to today. Is this stance? Hellaflush? Offensive? So many words to remember relating to a subject in which I have negative interest. You might even say I am interested in remaining uninterested by stance.

Conversely, I am constantly surprised by how interested I am in Teslas. I've never seen one that wasn't silver or black, and, well, me likee. So much so that I was inspired to whip out my trusty photo editing app and do this:

Are tilt-shift effect photos stupid? They sure look better on my phone's screen. You be the judge.

Just a peck of panthers. That's peck, like peppers, not pack, which I'm not realizing would have made a lot more sense.

Crew cab + long bed = ultimate work truck. I know this because a friend and I once tried to launch a landscaping business with a single cab, short bed '97 S10. I don't remember much from that summer other than the feeling of my knees impacting the dashboard every two minutes.

Anyway, at one point I ran down a random side street to chase after a woman in a Miata who barged through a crosswalk and missed me by inches. I lost her, but found some real gems.

Like this Passat GLX VR6, with it's absurdly large nameplate on the back. Which I love! It was a manual, too, and looked to be in excellent shape.

I've got it bad for the R129, so obviously I stopped to take a picture. Its pretty dirty and sports a few dings, so we can surmise that this one is daily driven, which is cool! But wait, what's that in the upper right corner?

I have to admit that I'm a failure of an enthusiast because I did not cross the street to see if it was an 840 or an 850, and I don't know if one can tell from it's profile. I sure can't! This German expat was in similar shape as the Merc, so maybe they're owned by the same guy! Very likely on the UWS - lots of moolah about.


Abarth! This was a good street, I tell you.

Oh, and on my way back to work I accidentally stumbled through the Time Vortex and ended up in the mid-1990s.