Talking to a friend of mine about cars, she recently picked up a Fusion and drives on the weekend for Uber. Told her I was in the market and after I sent the picture of the Abarth her reaction was :

And she had a point. Every woman I've ever shown the Abarth to says "Awwe it's so cute". No! It isn't cute! It is tiny angry fury. I'd lose my mind after the 30th time of explaining "No, it's an Abarth" "a what?" "Abarth - turbo, better suspension, aero" "It's still adorable" *braaahhp braaaahppp braaaaaahpp* As I drive away angrily.

Edit: just to clarify I don't own said Abarth, just these are speculations and "what if" scenarios. But the general consensus is that it's awesome and appreciated by those who matter and that's what counts.