Countless numbers before me have said things like "racing is life" and other such declarations about how important motorsport is to them. That is not at all what I mean. When I state this to be the world it is not a statement of love or passion, but of necessity.

Allow me to walk you through it. You sit in your car, with either a steering wheel, a GPS, or a book of pace notes in front of you. Your car rumbles and growls impatiently as it sits on the grid, at the start control of the stage, or moves back and forth behind the pace car like a caged tiger. You are seconds away from the launch, the moment when you put all your faith in Our Lady Of Blessed Acceleration. It is in this moment that the world shrinks from an area of 200 million square miles and population of 7 billion to a few thousand/hundred square yards and a population of 43, or 24, or 2, or even one. As you prepare to launch into the unknown you take one final deep breath, and with that exhalation banish everything beyond what you see, hear, and feel. Be you driver or co-driver, on a track or a lonely stage road, there is no world beyond the immediate, no people beyond the necessary. You, your crewmate, and the competitors surrounding you. Nothing beyond this exists. Your home doesn't exist, your job (unless you're a lucky bastard and racing is your job) doesn't exist, your divorce and your ex don't exist, your failed midterm exam doesn't exist, the mobster waiting to reposess your kidneys in the parking lot doesn't exist. None of your memories of the days, months, and years past exist. Even that corner you slid wide on thirty seconds ago doesn't exist. None of it can exist, because allowing the world beyond to exist, allowing any part of your mind to recognize its presence is a distraction. At the best this makes you slower, at the worst it ends your race. Allowing the world beyond to exist for even a second could result in a misheard or misread pace note, a blown braking zone. Allowing the world beyond to exist invites disaster.

This is simplicity. This is purity. This is necessity. This is the world.