The idea of creating a custom shooting brake 1st generation Mustang isn't new, many claim that Ford was working on its own station wagon version of the Mustang in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the creator of this Mustang shooting brake was probably shooting something else up, because it is an unholy abomination.

Find this 1966 Ford Mustang Shooting Brake Custom for sale in West Orange, NJ for starting bid of $5,000 with zero bids, no reserve and 3 days to go.

The first generation Mustang (1964.5-1966) is as American as apple pie and baseball, almost to a fault. Taking a 1966 Mustang and doing this to it; is like burning an American flag while dancing on top of the grave of Betsy Ross, singing the North Korean national anthem and ripping up your passport — all at the same time. The weird part is...I sorta like it. C'mon, it is a shooting brake Mustang with Mercedes center caps...what's not to love? In the great race to create the world's ugliest custom Mustang, this thing comes in a distant second to the Jerusalem Beetle S-197 custom.

Under the hood is Ford's 200 cubic inline-6, good for 120 horsepower when new. The non-cross flow engine and intake manifold cast into the head makes additional power tricky to find, so swapping in a cheap 289 or 302 V8 is the way to go. Why anyone would spend this much time on custom body and leave the original inline-6 alone is a mystery.

Inside is more custom fabrication and what looks like a set from the 2008 movie The Hurt Locker. Connect the blue wire to the red for wipers? Seriously? A 66 Mustang only has about 3 wires for the entire electrical system, how on earth did they manage to create a rat's nest like this?

Wow, that rear is...something else. See another Mustang shooting brake? email us here:

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Our buddy David Toth of Classic Resto Garage shared this on his facebook page, however, Graverobber featured it as a NPOCP back in 2012 when it was listed at $10k asking and it recieved a 85% crack pipe rating from readers.