I am leaving Kinja/Oppo, this time on my own accord.

The last time was because Kinja screwed up my account. When I came back, I was asked to be a moderator. There are 24 other moderators. Some were asked, some became moderators through the Kinja Beta testing phase. Of those 24, a few have been banned by Matt or Ray in the past, some, more than once.

Recently, I have tried working with several moderators on designing clear rules for this forum. There are moderators, both that have been banned previously, and some who haven't whom I disagree with strongly on how this forum should be run. Other moderators are taking too long to steer the script back to cars for me to stay. While you can delete replies, you can't, or shouldn't delete posts and I am tired of the posts I see here. I came to talk about cars. That's what I'm on a car forum. You remember cars? Granted, this has always been an open forum, but we always had rules. Rule number one was no trolling, and we certainly didn't troll each other on oppo! We left politics and religion off the forum too. You now have personal blogs. I fought for everyone to say what they want, free of moderators deleting or going in and editing commenters posts, but the controversial stuff would stay on your blog, with a link to oppo. I am tired of coming here, and half the page is on "First," or arguments over a divisive commenter. Or looking at replies, and there's sniping and obvious baiting statements. We used to have great debates and discussions, now it's point scoring. I miss cars, and fun, and resonable debates, and cars. I want to talk about cars.


I know Kinja will get there eventually, but it's not happening soon enough, and it will get there without me. I wish Porsche, Dusty, Gamecat, Nobody, Das Wuato, and several others the best in their positions as moderators and guides for what's too come. I hope all of you get behind what they're trying to do, because it's not easy. If you're looking for me, as before, I'm on Twitter. I'm not sure if I'll join another site or what. I've been approached to do free lance work, and I might for fun. I miss fun as much as I miss cars.

Good bye, my oppo bros. Thanks for opening up my mind to what the world of cars can truly be. I will miss some of you terribly.

Matt, and the rest of the Jalopnik Princes, same to you. I'll see you in Twitter, but you've taught me so much. Not just about adding lightness, but also looking deeply and saying things the echo chamber of the auto world won't say. I wish all of you the best of luck always.


Edit: Please read my reply in the comments to others. I do not wish this place to become all cars all the time. Perhaps that was unclear. I did want it to mostly be about cars.

TL;DR I am leaving because I miss talking about cars and bikes.

So long and thanks for all the cars,