In the past year (Oct 2015-Oct 2016):

- I moved myself twice, from Corpus to San Antonio then to Roswell, what 26 year old doesn’t want to live with their parents?

- Crashed my M3 into my garage wall the day I moved out of Corpus

- Got promoted, then on the same day my promotion became official, got furloughed for three weeks

- Got laid off, I did shed a job I hated though

- Got rejected three times, twice by the same girl (that is a long complicated story that is too personal for oppo)

- Have been looking for a job for 6 months with almost 0 results

-Bought a 128i, which I had to sell cause I lost my job

Hopefully things get better soon, I’m tired of this shit. That said a lot of people have it worse than me, but this is still no fun.