In 1949 Studebaker introduced a new line of 1-Ton pickup trucks under the unimaginative name of 2R15. Today's example is fitted with a supercharged Golden Hawk V8 for the ultimate quad-stripe painting burnout machine.

This next...umm...vehicle..comes to us as a tip from regular DT contributor Andy L who writes: Here is something I needed to share with you. I am not sure if this passes as a rat rod, a horrorod (too soon?), a work truck or a waste of a supercharged Studebaker engine. In any case, it is certainly an automotive curiosity and something I would like to drive just for the experience. Also, hearing one of these blown stude motors is on my bucket list. Find this 1949 Studebaker 2R15 1-Ton Truck with 289 Golden Hawk motor offered for $7,500 in Bellevue, NE.

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This thing started life as a 1-Ton Studebaker pickup powered by a 170 cubic inch Champion-6 good for around 85 horsepower according to the Studebaker driver's club website. This was 1949 when pickups weren't required to be faster than passenger cars and the bro movement hadn't been lifted off the ground yet...literally...

Under the hood is a 289 cubic inch V8 from a Golden Hawk that produces 275 horsepower with the aid of the factory added McCulloch (later renamed Paxton...but not for the small town in Nebraska, home of Ole's Big Game Steakhouse which features the largest collection of stuffed animal carcases this side of...well... a fur factory) supercharger.

The original flat gauge cluster has been ditched for a set of autometer(?) style round gauges, probably for the better, but I do prefer the style of the original gauges.

See a better way to start a Pebble Beach towing business?


Originally published as 5k: Studorcharged: 1949 Studebaker 2R15 With 289SC Golden Hawk V8 on Daily Turismo.