I think I’ve set up these requiments before, but I think it’s a good one that cerastes some very different answers, and maybe gets some people out of there comfort bubble of “I only like cars from 72-85", or “I only like cars made in Soviet Russia.”

So here’s the rules, you get three cars, each from a different decade, and Country of origin (Home country of brand no place of assembly). But you get a freebie that does count in the rules. All cars must be for sale ATM, and there is no budget.

First up, 1960, and American. A first year Plymouth Roadrunner


Next up 1980, and Japan’ 1987 CRX Si, which is a bit of CP, but hey there’s no budget here.


And finally 2000' and British 2997 Lotus Exige S.

And my Freebie. This Manual, 2007 Ram 2500.