I can’t believe it’s already been three years since I brought this pile home.

It was honestly a very interesting purchase that could have ended up very, very sketchy. See the guy who had the car was a college roommate of the guy who owned the car, and the owner lived in DC with the title and other important documents for the car. Also did i mention I did NO research about these cars except for resale value and parts availability? Yeah I had no idea that it was normal for any metal below the “speed grove” to turn into dust. Nor did I have any knowledge on how difficult it is to properly treat the rust cancer. But I didn’t care all I knew was that I wanted this car, and I was going to buy it, I don’t care if it wasn’t the smartest decision to make. Some would argue that I already had a nice Jaguar to drive and I should of put my money away to save it. But I wasn’t going to do that. The first day I looked at this car I made up in my mind this car was going home with ME and no one else, and it did. I looked at the car Monday, bought it Wednesday, and brought it home Friday.

Now you might be wondering where has this spur of the moment hardheaded decision gotten me. Well so far I’ve,

  • Pulled the engine, rebuilt the top-end and replaced every single gasket and seal on it.
  • Replaced driver AND passenger side floorboards.
  • Repaired dents and rust on both rocker panels and rear quarters.
  • Spent countless hours replacing and tidying up electrical connections everything forward of the dashboard.

There’s countless other small things I’ve done that I either forgot about or felt were too small to mention, but rest assured there is not one piece of this car I haven’t probed with 2-foot long craftsman flathead.

The best thing about this car is the ability to just drive it, anytime, anywhere. Of course I am limited both by law, Virginia law states antique tagged cars can’t drive more than 250 miles one way, and by my bravery in my own repairs, because for some reason I’m the only one without triple AAA, why? I’m not entirely sure.

Of course there is little reason to drive this obnoxiously loud, rusty, wore out sports car for any sizeable distance when I have a beautiful four door grand tourer with the worlds smoothest inline 6. But I would never take that Jag storming down a backroad, the experience just isn’t there, everything is flattened and mellowed out, like you’re playing it safe. It just isn’t as raw or visceral as the alfa, you never feel like you’re at the brink of having the rear end step out and lose traction, you never feel the weight transfer forwards when you trail-brake into a corner, and that’s the beauty of these small sports cars. You feel everything, every little bump in the road becomes a mountain of experiences for driver and passenger, and sometimes even a spectator or two. The entire car is just a show, a show of passion, skill, sometimes every bravery. It’s car that everyone can experience just from being around it. It’s just an amazing thing and I happened to stumble upon it completely on accident.