Apparently, I take a lot of photos while drinking. For these purposes, these are just things that came up with alcohol related tags when searching on my phone. Experiences when drunk will come later. These are just pictures of booze, since I don’t believe in posting pictures of people without their permission, and some of these people I’m not close to anymore for various reasons. Part two will probably be things I did while drunk for which there’s a photographic record.

The following should hopefully be chronological.

Fall 2013: Kvass in Bukhara, Uzbekistan. It was suggested to me that I drink too much and should switch to kvaas. It was also suggested I smoke to much. This was by a French person, what do they know about smoking and drinking, I ask you?

Bukhara: Yeah, those glasses are filled with vodka.

That’s Tamerlane’s tomb in Samarqand.. I was very drunk here, and we bribed some guards to let us in around midnight.

Bukhara: The brown bottles are beer. Some of the water bottles were definitely once filled with beer, because we could get them filled from the tap four less than a $1 and would usually stop and get four a night.

Winter 2014: Midtown Manhattan, somewhere. Possibly Tomi Jazz, but since it’s soju, I’m guessing it was a Korean bar by the U.N. I spent the night of a blizzard there and ended up spending the night with an elderly human rights lawyer who was advising the U.N. in the early days of the Syrian civil war. We got very drunk.

Winter 2014: almost certainly Guilin, China. This is beer I picked up on the street. There should be other beer photos here, but they have to wait for part two.

I would have thought Hong Kong, but there are settings for two, so I think Guilin.


I went to visit an ex of mine, with whom I’m still very good friends. She’s probably the closest friend I’ll ever have. Our original plan was to spend two weeks traveling China together, but after a few days of staying in the same room together, she “remembered why we broke up and you’re on your own.”

So on to Hong Kong, I went for a 1.5 week bender, which was not planned, but great fun.

I’m fairly certain this is Cathay Pacific on the flight back to New York.

Laphroaig, oh yes, I love you so.

I have no fucking idea what this is or why I drank it.

This was a good Bloody Mary. Having bacon in it means it’s some hipster shit. I think probably I must have had this while dating a girl who lived in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. She was probably the nicest person I’ve ever dated. I felt physically sick dating her. She’s my only ex who truly hates me.

November or December 2014: Malaga, drinking alone in a sherry bar waiting for friends who were arriving the next day.

Almost certainly Grenada.

Califa is a microbrewer in Cordoba.

Ages well.

Upper East Side.

Also Upper East Side.

Winter 2016, Madrid. Drinking alone, waiting for the same friends.

Also Madrid, also drinking alone.



Barcelona at dinner, I believe.

Also Barcelona, at a tapas bar. The texting hands to the left belong to a drinking and travel buddy of mine. We had a falling out during the trip and I don’t expect we’ll ever speak again.

Cava at Montserrat.

Another tapas bar in Barcelona, I think.


Christmas in a bar in San Sebastian.

A very big bottle of Txakoli, also San Sebastian, I think.

I think this was a Turkish restaurant in Toledo, on New Years Eve.

Really shitty blue wine in Toledo on New Years Eve. I was forced to drink it in punishment for suggesting that we order it.

He-brew. I’m always down for buycotting Israel. Plus it was surprisingly good.