Here I was, expecting the worst.

Would the ends come out? How long would I spend hammering away at them with heat, hammers, and pickle forks. How long before I could eat my cookie?

Once I got the car in the air, and cleaned up the rod and ends, I marked with with paint so I would stand a chance getting them back on, and not need an alignment later.

After a few taps with a hammer, I realized that this puller might be the best route. *POP* I was right.

I think the hardest part of this job was getting these boots up and into the grove on the rack. Probably spent 20-30 minutes a side with door trim tools, WD40, and curse words getting them on there.


Funny thing is, I had forgotten I had that puller until I took a look at the shop manual. I thought, "Hey, I have one one of those." (cookie in hand)

Does the lack of castle nut and cotter pin make anyone else paranoid, or is it just me?