I’ve spent some time prowling the interwebs for information on toolkits, tool rolls, and in-field fixes as I begin to spec out a toolkit to replace the utterly terrible and miserable factory one. I came across these lightweight tool options which I thought were kind of cool. I have a certain fascination with well-made tools, especially hand tools designed for a very specific function or niche.

Motion Pro’s TiProlight

Motion Pro’s TiProlight wrench set is made from titanium. Frustratingly, no weight for it is published and you’re left with the gimmicky promise: “less than one quarter of the weight of standard steel wrenches.” Kind of cool, and anything Ti automatically gets some awesome points, but surprisingly spendy at $108 for the set of four. I’m willing to bet the nylon case weighs as much as the wrenches. From what I’ve read of Motion Pro, products can be hit or miss and I’d be hesitant to shell out this much cash for four wrenches that are accompanied by a rated maximum torque spec and the recommendation that they aren’t suitable for daily use.

Asahi Lightool Double-ended spanner
Combination Spanners, if you prefer.

From Japan, Asahi Tool’s Lightool line is made from steel, but smartly designed to reduce weight where the additional mass isn’t beneficial. A set of 6 combination spanners (12 sizes) runs about $50US, more functional and versatile than the four sizes of MP’s set for more than twice the cost. And at under 400 grams for all six, it’s quite reasonably weighted to boot.

Asahi Lightool 3/8 Ratchet. Photo credit here.

Also from Asahi Lightool, a 3/8 and 1/2 drive ratchet offers the functionality of a ratchet with weight reduction. I’ve not found them retailed in the US or online, but eBay prices suggest $50-70 per copy and Rakuten suggests $28-35 per.

Lobster Wrench! Amazon.

Lightweight adjustable wrench found on Amazon, but no further information is provided. Something about Lobster Brand, made in Japan as well?

Some further reading and links on toolkits, rolls, and stuff mostly tailored to motorcycles but applicable to anything: