Let's pretend for a minute that your daily driver shit the bed. You got $3000 to replace it. What can you find on your local CL? I found this- $600 '89 Tercel, and I know you can do better. But wait, there's incentive! I will send the winners of each category a small die cast from my personal collection. You have until 1/27/14 at 7:30pm to find an entry, we will vote tomorrow night Categories are: Most Jalop (prize is a HW '53 Caddy-camino), Weirdest (Prize is a MB '85 Kadett GSi "World cup '98" security car) Best former police car (prize is an '89 HW "Auto-City Police" car), best wagon (a johnny lightning '74 or '75 caprice wagon), Coolest (HW Holden Commodore VT race car), and finally Ben's Choice, you get picked by me and you get my most prized die cast, a Johhny Lightning '95 Honda Accord, finished in electric blue with "euro style" head and tail lights, yellow wheels, and blue interior. Will post pics of the prizes later, in the meantime, happy hunting!