I’m in a love-hate relationship with Lexus right now. For every good decision they make, they make two bad ones. I really love the LC...but then they come out with this...thing. And IMO, they’ve botched every refresh possible.

If you were to look up the definition of over-styled, this would be it. Lines everywhere. It’s hard to believe that the company that designed the LC also designed this.

The LC just works because it has curves. Not edges. I am aware that the LC (or at least the concept) was designed by CALTY in California and the UX was designed by ED2 in France, but shouldn’t they at least try to unify the styling language?


And like I’ve mentioned, Lexus can’t make a good decision without having a few bad ones in tow. For example, the LC is arriving at dealers next May, which, by then, means that the car has been out for ~1.5 years from debut to showroom. Way too long. Additionally, the US market once again has been screwed over by Lexus’s decision to not include the upgraded LED headlights in the new IS refresh.

And let’s not forget this.

I just don’t know what Lexus is thinking anymore.