It's refreshing to have automotive stories of the people and their cars.

It's easy to like big fancy cars simply they're just that: big and fancy. Every one likes Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Corvettes, Zondas, Bugattis but how many are actually smitten with these cars? How many exhude the passion of any given car simply because of their history with it or something deep inside that stirred real love.


The car, whatever it may be, becomes an extension of the person for what it means to them at that point. And that is true automotive love shown here in this video.

Mr Pagani (no, not that one!) decided to buy and restore and old Peugeot just like his dad's. He didn't have much money to do so, having been a carpenter by trade. His restauration of the old wooden Peugeot saw him sollicite some help and mid-project........(well, you'll just have to watch).

Bless you, you old Italian dude. Bless you.