Aneighbour needed there Audi A3 cleaned to put it up for sale.

For a 2006 plate she’s in great condition,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, except the paint.

The paint is covered in fine car wash scratches.

The exterior looks good from the first glance, closer look reveals the all the micromarring which the camera doesn’t pick much of it up.

Mats out, typical debris.

Before. Not looking bad on camera but in person, not quite right.

Tackled the interior first with a vacuum and shampooing the seats and mats. Full biocote wipe down inside.


Poorboys Black Hole doing an amazing job of filling those fine scratches and leaving a nice deep gloss. So easy to use, wipe on, cover panel and then buff off. No smear or residue, just gloss.

My ugly self in the reflection.

She’s up for sale if anyone wants a manual, diesel, Audi A3.