Unpopular Opinion/Shitstorm in 3...2...

Dogs are horrible. Terrible, Terrible, awful disgusting creatures. A loud, messy inconvenience at best, and dangerous at worst. Maybe I feel this way after years and years of compulsory proximity to them, coupled with living in a neighborhood full of irresponsible pet owners who drive around with their mutts unleashed in the back of their pickups at 50 MPH down the highway. Maybe that's not fair to them. But at this point, I don't care. I'm done. I've had enough.


This does not mean I'm down with animal cruelty. Animals do not deserve to be abused, and they have their place in the world. But after receiving a constant and neverending stream of harassment for just existing, there is simply no way I could ever become a dog owner. No way. Not happening. In my house, Rules 1-through-4 will be "No Dogs", with the 5th being "Humans only".