So I have a beautiful ‘95 Acura Integra that I need to replace the tires on soon. I want to get a performance all season tire, because on my last car I had BF Goodrich summer tires which were absolutely excellent! I’m looking at performance all-seasons this time because those tires just had way too much grip for what I need and so the treadwear tradeoff just wasn’t worth it.

The main thing I’m looking for in a new tire is handling feel. To explain, the pair of BF summer tires I was talking about had stiff sidewalls which made the steering more responsive and gave better feedback. That’s primarily what I’m looking for in new tires, not so much actual grip.


Now the main problem is that I can find very few 14" tires on the market. Most of the ones I’ve found are budget tires or low rolling resistance. I’ve contacted a few manufactures if they made 14" tires, but didn’t have them advertised online and they said no.

So my question is does anyone know of any 14" A/S performance tires? The best tire I’ve been able to find myself is the General Tire Altimax one pictured above. I’ll give a link to my result on TR

Another solution is to go up to 15" wheels and tires, but I’d prefer to stay with the original wheels. Because my hubcabs are clean AF.