Today I decided to go ahead and change the broken hose of my top so it works automatically again. I took it to our trusty mechanic that changed the other hose the last time. He called back about 1 hour later saying it was impossible for him to open the trunk. I went there with my dad only to find that the key only turned halfway through and the lock was broken. Yay!

My father and I parted separately and I went to a specialised locksmith to have the lock repaired or changed. He told me it would be 2 hours to have it "checked". I decided not to bother my dad and ask him to pick me up and walk home instead. After half an hour of walking I was sweaty and tired, but felt like I had done the right thing. Now I must wait for the call of the locksmith of his report, have the trunk fixed, return it to the first mechanic so he takes out the hose broken, we take that hose to a hose maker to duplicate it, we return it to the first mechanic so he installs it and we are on our way!

Here are some cool finds in my 5 mile walk back to my house.

Some Datsun Wagon

Jeep Wagoneer