I'm visiting family in Tokyo for Christmas, and today we made the drive over to Yokohama to see the Red Brick Warehouse and the museum. A great day got better. Yokohama is the home of Nissan, which, we were pleased to discover, organized a parade of over a hundred classic or otherwise historically important Nissans/Datsuns today. It was breathtaking.

It's getting late here in Tokyo and I don't have time now to sift through the photos, so this will have to be a placeholder for a forthcoming dump.

Have these hastily-edited shots of an OG Skyline for your trouble!:

Side note 1: I'm in carspotting heaven in Japan. In the apartment's parking , today alone, I spotted a 355 Berlinetta, a brand new Vanquish, half a dozen 911's, and a MB G55.

Side note 2: They had plenty of beautiful Skylines today, which was wonderful, because my dad is open to bringing an R32 back home to the States in 2014, but so far we've only seen badly-modified examples, usually in rough shape. It was refreshing to see some handsome stock R32s. I'm on the lookout for the 1990 NISMO GTR, but there can't be many more of those left in the country. Leads would be appreciated, if you've got em!