I’m at the same dealership where I had the oil changed exactly 6 months ago. They have the same “vintage” rides out front that they did then. Bonus long bed in the parking lot, though. This one isn’t for sale, so let’s move on to our game!

I randomly chose 3 vehicles, because at a Toyota dealer, there are maybe 4 new vehicles I would care to look at. Up first, is the Most expensive vehicle here, a new Land Cruiser. Beautiful vehicle. But the price...ooof.

Second up, the typical dealer modified showroom Tacoma. Looks cool. The options they added seem a tad pricey.

I actually like the step. I might add one to my truck.

Up last, everyone’s lovable underpowered coupe. I might fit in one, as I fit in a Miata. I’m indifferent to these, I like small coupes, but not at new prices.

Bonus Rousch Stage 2 if you made it this far.