Terry Barkley’s crash at the Street Car Super Nationals St Louis at Gateway Motorsports Park. I’ve never seen a car explode on impact before. I took pictures of the aftermath. (update with better video, skip to 2:42:00)

Link if the video is jacked up


The most impressive part? He walked away. Terry was standing in the pits next to his trailer talking to people as they were trying to load the car into the hauler.

Notice that, while he hit the right wall, the impact damage is on the left side of the car. That’s because he was upside down on impact!


Coming from the left lane he the car bicycled across the track, rolled, and hit the right wall at somewhere between 150-180 mph.

I’ve got to imagine that motor is toast. Look at how bent the front motor mount and intake manifold are.

I was too stunned by the crash (I thought I’d just watched someone die) to take pictures of the track. The amount of flaming debris scattered for the 1/8th mile it took for the car to finally stop was pretty horrific.

I’d say Terry owes his cage builder a beer a case of beer for allowing him to walk away from this carnage.

I’ll post pictures of all the non-crash awesomeness I saw tomorrow.