You all have lives, but I’m home all labor day weekend. Time to browse some craigslist!

Would prefer manual, but it is nice.

Even nicer.

Up there in use, but cheap.

I like red cars.

Was kind of excited until I saw it was an auto. This is the color my wife wishes hers was.

Now HERE’S a clean looking manual. But 11k... That hurts.

Now here’s a good manual XR for a reasonable price. Dealership seems to have pretty good reviews if that means anything.…

Looks great, lower miles, good price, but again an automatic.

Let’s not kid ourselves. This is the one I want most. Unfortunately no one wants to spend six hours driving with me to the Olympic Peninsula on labor day weekend for what very well could be another turd. Also, Sequim does salt their roads so :( could be trouble.…