...meet the MCA/Dash 600 Sport:

I’m about to get all Jason Torchinsky up in here! :P

The MCA 600 Sport was FIAT-126-based fiberglass kit-car produced by British kit-car company MCA/Bezzi Cars (founded by the original designer) from 1983-1988, British kit-car company Minari Engineering from 1988-1990, later British kit-car company Dash from 1990-1994, and finally IPS Developments from 1994-1996!

Originally designed by an Italian racing driver named Aurelio Bezzi, this little fiberglass- bodied coupe/roadster featured many 126 parts, like the wipers, headlights, door handles, fuel tank, wheels, air vents, engine, mirrors (in some cases), and some interior trim (like the steering wheel). The 600 Sport also featured the 126's rear-engined, rear-wheel-drive, air-cooled engine layout as well with the 126's 594cc (and later, 650cc) engine for power - meaning 23hp and 29ft-lbs (and later, 32ft-lbs) of torque! A steel chassis underlaid the whole car. The car was pretty light, and very small (keep in mind how small the 126, itself, is!), so it’s performance wasn’t great, but still plenty to have a lot of fun! :)


Details are very scarce and these little cars are very rare (apparently only something like 26-29 were made in total?), but, from what I can dig up, MCA/Bezzi Cars was the company started by Aurelio after he immigrated to the UK. The 600 Sport originally started as a little coupe (YAY!) and had some awesome details like pop-up headlights.

Not sure who is who in this pic, but I am guessing Bezzi, himself, is the one standing in the car’s drivers’ door! :)

Once Minari bought the rights to it, they started producing it as a little roadster with a snap-on removable roof instead, as did all the companies after them - the coupe version seemed to cease production with the end of MCA/Bezzi Cars.


Another interesting detail seems to be look to be Mercedes taillights(?) that look MASSIVE on the little fella! More interesting details involve what seem to be two rear key-locks to the rear engine compartment, a hump in the rear bonnet to help accomodate that little 2-cylinder, and what seems to be a large, single-piece front trunk that flips open towards the front, Viper-style.

Definitely a quirky and fun little ride! I’d gladly put one in my garage if they weren’t so hard to find, especially one of those epic little Coupes! :D