The first thing I did upon arriving to the office this morning is drive up to the top deck to see if they had plowed the snow. We received about 8 inches of snow the day before so I knew they didn't. It was just an excuse to slide my 2015 Subaru WRX around a bit. Some may call it snow drifting the 2015 WRX but I just call it enjoying the car.

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When I left the office that evening I made my way right back up to the top of the garage, this time with a friend who recorded a few short video clips at 240 frames per second. The slow motion video looks awesome. You can see all four wheels tossing up snow like wake from a speed boat. Hope you enjoy!

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A note to anyone else who may try this – be sure to clear out the snow that inevitably gets packed in between the spokes of your wheels otherwise you'll get massive vibrations at highway speed.

And the other direction for posterity.