Col. Muammar Gaddafi’s lost“Rocket” car.

While reading about race-inspired drinking games in Stef’s “How To Watch The Last V8-Powered Australian Bathurst 1000 This Weekend” I mentioned in the comments my own Bathurst beer-fest as described in my article from 2011, “Bathurst 1000 Live Commentary; Drunk and Drunkerer.” While I’ve been publishing to Oppo for 3-1/2 years, I have been writing on my own blog, MotoArigato, twice as long, and this got me thinking that with the exponential growth of Jalopnik over the recent years many of you likely have never seen some of my best articles. When I started, the header for Jalopnik was still a giant pair of mirrored sunglasses if that helps put things in perspective.

In order to give you full and unrestricted access to what a car-obsessive writer with no social or “polite-society” restraints can come up with, I offer this selection of my top 20 all-time favorite articles. Let me know if you agree with my choices, what you like and maybe more importantly, what drives you up the fucking wall. Enjoy… or don’t… but please do.

1) Director Guillermo del Toro Builds Himself Replica of “The Car”

2) The Worst Car I Ever Owned was a Series II Jaguar XJ6

3) JC Unit One: On the Road In Johnny Cash’s Custom Tour Bus

4) CLK55 P.O.S. Edition -or- Enter the Lion Vagina Car

5) The True Story Behind CocoMats, an Iconic American Company

6) All Ages Love Kidd’s Toy Museum

7) Toto, I Don’t Think We’re In 1950 Anymore

8) What Became of Gaddafi’s “Rocket Car?”

9) Portland’s Adult Soapbox Derby is Giant Beer Garden of Fun

10) Florida Man Saves Pierce-Arrow Land Speed Record Car Featured on American Pickers

11) Million Mile 250SE Coupe is SoCal Owner’s Daily Driver

12) Contemplating the Gooding & Co. 300 SL “Survivor vs Restored” Gullwing Sale

13) Debunking Misinformation Surrounding the Paul Walker Porsche Carrera GT Crash

14) Ever Wonder How They Ship F1 Cars?

15) Cars In the Park; Mercedes-Benz & BMW Edition

16) Iron Chef Battle Secret Ingredient: Moonshine!

17) Ever Wondered Why You Can’t Pump Your Own Gas In Oregon?

18) All British Field Meet Makes Us Want to do Something Dirty with an E-Type

19) Big Ass Engine Sounds Like a Rave DJ

20) When You Think of Offroading In a Benz, is This What Comes to Mind?