Recently, I visited Dubai for a short while and I figured out where to get the best view of the city. Although I felt like a wise-ass for cracking it up however, engineers who built the Dubai airport and specifically those with the job to engineer a separate Terminal for Emirates, knew what they were doing and they have done a splendid job.

I have seen an image by ace photographer (which will be shared in the end) but I believed that it was a mere coincidence until on my flight home, which was almost empty so the kind lady checking everyone in gave me the best seat I could ever have. Left most seat with a window.

Mine was an early morning flight and was delayed due to traffic, queues of planes were before and behind us, Air Control (game) felt a bit too easy after looking at the traffic. (Zoom in on that dot to see one taking off).

The weather though, was perfect, clean sunny sky meant that if I had a good camera at the moment, I could've managed to capture one of the greatest picture of Dubai but even my Nexus S's camera did well.

Top Tip: When you're coming to Dubai via an Emirates flight, make sure you get the seats at the most right with a window to get this view and when leaving, take the left most seat with a window and keep your cameras out because, it might not look really amazing in my shots, but it was the most spectacular view I have seen of urban development.

Left and right when you're seated looking towards the front of the plane.

My Shot:

My shot 2:

And this is a shot by a pro photographer with equipment worth of millions. And it is taken from exactly the same spot with a ton of photoshop and a camera only few of us can match, so always keep your cameras out and get the seats I've mentioned, seats in right pane besides the window when you're coming in and left pane when you're going out.
PS: Left and right when you're seated.