Edit: repost for the afternoon crowd. => Ok so as I laid out about my new car acquisition, I took the Torchbug to Downeast Maine for a pretty epic Labor Day weekend. Here is the weekend in all of it's glory. Torchbug had better be over 21 though, otherwise I am in trouble.

I think this was the best shot taken with the Torchbug. On the tail end of the "Pirate mobile"

On a product of Portland, the Atlantic Stove company enameled antique wood stove

Seen on the drive Down East...no idea what it is

Alot of the following are my girlfriends father's cars. I pulled out the Torchbug when I could. Although later in the day he was professing his love for the Beetle

in his back 40

so sad about this 2 door Trooper II. Damn shame it was left to rot after the head gasket popped

Also sad sad Nomad

Random Vette hubcap


grabbing some corn for a lobster feast

Old International pickup

Torchbug is assisting getting the cooking fire going

the Downeast beverage of choice for lobstermen...Fat Ass in a Glass. Milk and Allens Coffee Brandy. Preferably kept chilled in the same cooler you use to transport your lobsters...

Lobsters for days

more shots of the 210 57 Nomad

Running Roadmaster

Cleanest B2200 I have seen in years. Had to make a run in it. Slow but solid as a rock

Went back to her mom's camp for a booze cruise later that day...

Next day start thinking about a pretty serious ATV ride. Torchbug agrees

morning on the lake camp

yeah I totally went for a couple of slides off that. My girl was laughing her ass off...

saw this KG when I went out to breakfast! Nice owners. They showed my pics of a mint Mk2 Continental coupe they also own

going for the ATV ride finally! Schoodic mountain

I love going to a gas station in a 4 wheeler for some reason...

trail ended at a classic train depot!

rally stage

back to camp my phone was COVERED in dust

how lobstermen speak to their rivals...dont mess with those guys

more Nomad pics... and a few old Jeeps we passed on the way back and my NEW WAGON!!!

I think my tenure with the Torchbug has been completed. It was party to a phenomenal weekend and past week. Next it heads to Coty in New Hampshire. I will be making a drive to hand deliver it.

Link to official rules for Torchbug!