The folks from Japanese Nostalgic Car put on an amazing event. We had never done a rally before, and had no idea what to expect. I don’t know if this experience was typical, but we definitely want to do more.

The cars were all beautiful. Mazda sponsored the event, and were all in with beautiful vintage cars and lots of support.

I really hope Patrick and/or Ben from JNC see this post. They obviously worked insanely hard to pull off a labor of love that cannot possibly be profitable when you consider the human hours that go into it.

I cannot say enough about the grace, patience, and professionalism exhibited by the folks who staffed this event. I would pay more than $100 for this Patrick, you need to call me next year for business sponsorship. It has np marketing value for me, but I selfishly want the event to continue.

This car had the moat beautiful chrome bumpers I have ever seen.
As I Miata hater, I am supposed to reject this, but targa is mu weakness.
Dat bumper...
Nissan should revive Datsun as a performance/enthusiast brand
I love this Celica.
Mandatory Skyline.
1989 Toyota Century. Yakuza car.
I have an irrational love for yellow fog lights.

They found really cool, challenging roads with lots of elevation changes. We started in eastern San Diego County, wound our eay through the mountains to the desert and up to Riverside County, through Laguna Canyon, and up to Mazda US HQ in Irvine. You MUST drive Ortega Highway above Lake Elsinore in the Cleveland National Forest. It is sublime. We did not take pictures during the drive, as I had my hands full driving, my wife was navigating, and we were too busy enjoying the whole experience to document those moments. So thes pics came at the checkpoints. Dash cam is needed for next year.

Finishing this rally was EARNED. It was 90-100 degrees for most of rhe route, and only a couple of cars had A/C. A couple of cars dropped out and did not finish from what I could tell. We are from Fresno, and regularly drive the ‘Chaser in this kind of weather, so heat was no big deal (except Toby was annoyed that my wife kept dousing him in ice water). But I understand that both physical comfort and enginw overheating can ve an issue.


I pushed the Sunchaser as hard as I ever have, and we had no temp worries. All we needed was a healthy R engine, Zoidberg. ;)

All in all, a great day. I am so grateful to the people who gave me an entire day of remarkable joy for only $100. I am humbled. Oh yeah, I saw a cool Galaxie, too. Oppo quiz; Do you know this truck?