Took the FR-S out to another track day this weekend at PIR where I learned quite a few things. First, oil cooler for track work is quite helpful on this platform. The black BRZ (no oil cooler) was running around the same pace and saw peak oil temperatures consistently around 270 degrees where mine sat comfortably around 213. There is data to back up that the ECU pulls power starting at around 220 degrees.

I was a bit worried that the stickier and wider tires I put on would ruin the feel of the car. It didn't, the car is still just as playful and predicable at traction limits, the traction limits just moved up a little :) I was able to carry considerably more speed into corners more confidently with the Yokohamas than I ever could have with the primacys.

I had an instructor ride with me during the first few runs of the day which helped me to get much faster around the track. He helped teach me the basics of trail braking (where my last instructor was of the "complete all braking before the turn" school of thought), and after that it was pretty fun to watch car after car follow me way too deep into the corners and then under-steer like crazy. After lunch I decided to do the remaining 3 sessions solo to work on what I had learned while my instructor watched from different corners and gave advice after each session.


I also got a whole lot better at my heel-toe downshifting (though I did momentarily lock up the rear tires on a few occasions). I had been practicing on the street, but never really got it down smooth enough. Doing it on a track though under full braking for some reason just made it click.

Much like last time there was a lot of genuine enthusiasm surrounding the 86s being at the track. Lots of people came over with questions (many are still surprised when I tell them it is RWD), or simply wanting to see the difference between the FR-S and BRZ.

Fastest lap of the day ended up just below 1:40.