Tuner-Built Ford F-150 Tremor Street Truck

Tuner Ice Nine built this Ford F-150 Tremor for a Barrett Jackson auction, and after seeing it on Oppo I realized it was a good chance for Truck Yeah! to touch on a topic we've so far neglected— street trucks.

While the idea of a high-performance on-road-only pickup is huge in Australia, the scene isn't quite as popular stateside. I know there are still SVT Lightnings and lowered S-10s running around, but at least here in the northeast truck suspension mods are usually intended to make the truck taller.


Browndogwelding digs this Tremor, is this a vein of trucking we should look for more of, or would you rather cover it in a dirt rooster tail from Mopar's new monster truck?

Image: Ice Nine

Truck yeah. Ford Tremor done right. (updated pic)

When Ford unveiled the Tremor, all I could think of was "running boards?" "no drop?"


plus CAI, Borla catback, tune, Forgiato wheels, etc., etc.

Ice Nine put this together for Hagerty's Fantasy Bid contest that they hold during Barrett Jackson Scottsdale on Speed. Winner of the contest gets the truck.


As an aside, how do I find the Truck Yeah sub? I went to check it out and I realized I couldn't get to it...