TWO MONTHS I’ve been playing this damn game, literally saw ZERO Pikachus the first month, had ONE run away after a berry was given and a Great Ball was broken out of, and the fucker ran....

But the other day..... the other day while driving (my kids were watching the screen) a little yellow fucker showed up.

I immediately pulled into a parking lot and fed him a berry and got out my last Ultra Ball and caught him. Only 170cp but hey, beggars can’t be choosers, right?

I spent the next few days walking him around, gathering candies, catching every little thing for extra stardust, because my intent was to power him up to the highest level possible. Got him to 220ish until THIS ASSMONGER POPPED UP OUTSIDE WORK ON MY LUNCH BREAK.

421. Not bad. Good thing I wasted all that stardust and candy on the other one.