One friend has a ‘93 RX-7 with 180,000 miles and the other friend has an ‘04 Mazda6 with 381,000 miles. She drives an average of over 30,000 miles a year. Not easy driving, either. And I have a ‘16 Mazda6 with...16,000 miles.

The ‘04 6 is on its original engine and transmission with a Magnaflow exhaust. 5-speed car, too. It’s not perfect. Has been rear ended so the back bumper is missing some paint, and the hood has some big paint chips missing from frequent highway hauls.

The RX-7 is on its second engine. The first one died at 170,000 miles. Other than that, it’s all original besides wear items. A crazy obsessive older man owned it before my friend bought it. The man had bought it new and refused to drive it in the rain. It hasn’t seen rain but 2 or 3 times.