Recently I’ve been exploring the somewhat unusual world of pre and post war hot bulb tractors from Lanz, now Deere’s German tractor operation.

As the 1950s went on it became obvious that the days of the hot bulb engine (fearfully heavy, inefficient) were numbered so Lanz moved over to diesels. The first models took up where the hot bulb machines left off with huge single cylinder engines. Not all buyers wanted a big, expensive tractor though. Some folks wanted a little, cheap one. Lanz duly obliged with models like this.

As we see this had a little engine, painted silver in this case. It was a single cylinder two stroke diesel from Triumph (not the British bike maker, but at one time related) displacing just 533 cc and churning out about 10 to 12 hp at an unheard of, for Lanz anyway, 2600 to 2800 rpm.

Unlike multi cylinder diesel two strokes it was crankcase aspirated (no supercharger) and sounded like this:

A bit of a change from the dunk....dunk....dunk.... of its bigger brothers then but it must have been an irritating sound to spend the day working with.