First of all, I just wanna ask who that was who drove around in a Dump with me last night. I think it was either Orlove or Ballaban, because the Gamertag looked familiar and I think it belonged to a front page author, but I can't remember. I also can't remember what it was except that it started with a B and ended with 458. But anyway, yes, usually dump truck rampages are awesome and that was no exception.

ANYWAY, the real point of this post is that I'm being way too ambitious and, long story short, I need a full game of Jalops, one of whom is able to record in-game footage. We'd start with just three people driving 18-wheelers together. Then more join in, bringing the count to 8 or 9. Then we get the cops on us. Then, EVERYONE joins in, only one person is in a chartreuse BF Surfer instead of an 18-wheeler. The whole time, we're just driving along the freeway together. Then we edit the footage to go along with CW McCall's "Convoy" and upload it as the greatest fan-made music video of all time.