Soooooooo...I was coming home from work today when about 10 miles from home, I noticed that there was an extreme amount of heat coming from my handbrake...and literally moments later my car started losing a LOT of power. A few seconds after that, my check engine light started rapidly flashing.

While still moving, I flipped the car into Neutral and turned off the car, then turned it back on. The CEL disappeared, but the shoddy performance remained.


A couple miles later, the performance became so bad that I heard a lot of cogs skipping behind the car while it struggled to gain/maintain speed.

So, I immediately pulled over and got out. Much to my surprise, there was an incredible amount of smoke billowing from the engine bay and a burning plastic smell. After I let it sit for ten minutes, both the smell and the smoke disappeared. I got back in and started him up...I was greeted with white smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, which quickly disappeared as the engine stabilized.

The rest of the trip home was incredibly shaky. I’m not sure if it’s the engine or the tranny being the troublemaker, but there’s something that seems very broken back there.


No CEL codes thrown, coolant was at max (albeit there was some bubbling in it), and revving in neutral was perfectly fine...but it just couldn’t deal with being under load. Also, the engine was running at 20 degrees above normal the whole time. Alright, what the heck happened?