I don't think I've ever really experienced understeer in good road conditions. ON snow, ice, wet pavement, or on dirty, or dirty pavement yes. But on dry pavement no.

Part of me wants to believe that's because I drive Hondas and they are superior machines that have no flaws. BUT i know that's not the case. Maybe I'm just a very controlled driver. I seem to think I know my limits, and my car's limits and not push them. Here's the thing tho I've actually gotten kinda of good at getting my 2001 Civic to oversteer. It's much easier than any Honda I've had before it. Possibly because I still have my winter tires on lol. I'm not saying my Civic does "mad skids, mate" but slight oversteer can be achieved. it's fun.


Maybe I'm just too used to the feeling of understeer. I've only had FWD cars aside from one truck. The only hard driving on dry pavement I've ever done has been in small FWD cars so maybe I'm just to used to the way they handle to notice the flaws. Maybe I'm just "good" at driving FWD cars. hmmmm

Here's a cool pic for your time