It’s the car time!

I learned about this place from a friend of mine and looked it up. It’s a chain of stores around Japan. Their main things are selling/changing tires (zzz) and selling used auto parts (really!) This was a small store, but I still got to see some cool stuff. Their online inventory is nuts.

Selection of suspension parts for the Hachiroku (FR-S/GT86)

This seemed like a smaller store, but they still had lots of interesting stuff.

Lots of exhausts.

Springs and coilovers. If I was braver, I’d have grabbed this set of HKS coils. They appear to be about half the price that they are online.

Lots of motorcycle stuff too.

They cater plenty to enthusiasts, but they sell plenty of stuff for the show crowd.

“Dress up parts” seems a little on the nose.

Marketed to autotragics
Fake blower intake

Here’s the money aisle:

Did I buy some of this stuff to put on the BMW?

Hell yes I did! I can’t wait to get back and install this stuff. Gonna have such a JDM BMW!

There was a ton more stuff that I didn’t take pictures of, like rows of head units and a wall full of sweet JDM wheels like watanabes. I might check out a different store next weekend. Loving that JDM life!